Relief, Water & Sanitation and Resettlement

Mannar previously had 17 IDP sites but presently the total number of IDP sites in Mannar is 4 and Sarvodaya works in all 4 sites, which serve 719 persons belong to 167 families. In addition to the provision of dry rations to 884 IDP families in the past months, Sarvodaya had also provided 530 pregnant mothers’ kits, 1,150 infant kits, 220 family kits, 172 NFRI packs which included clothes, sanitary items, soap, mosquito nets, slippers, bed sheets and towels etc.  Additionally 120 IDPs are presently accommodated in Sinhala Maha Vidyalaya in Mannar. Sarvodaya has distributed mats, pillows and other items to them.  6 toilets were constructed recently in the same site. More than 887 families live now with the friends and relatives.

Sarvodaya has been major partner in providing Water & Sanitation services to IDP sites in Mannar. 10 semi-permanent latrines, construction of tube wells, cleaning awareness boards, supplement of water storage buckets have been set up and additionally hygiene NFRI distribution, water distribution by bowser, hygiene promotion activities have been undertaken by Sarvodaya. These services are provided to Rice Mill, Church Compound, Tkalvupadu and Keeri IDP site.

Sarvodaya Volunteers Cleaning Premises

Water Supply

Sarvodaya Mannar district team is currently putting all their efforts in fixing water and sanitation in Vavuniya district IDP sites with the assistance of OXFAM GB. Importantly the resettlement process has been already started in Musali division in Mannar and Sarvodaya involves with the resettlement and community development process. So far, Sarvodaya has organized and mobilized the resettled communities in to 4 Community Based Organizations, namely Sarvodaya Shramadana Societies. Additionally Sarvodaya has been helping with providing infrastructure such as latrines and with income generation activities.

For the latest statistics of Sarvodaya work in Mannar, please click here.

Updated 01st June, 2009, Sarvodaya Emergency Relief Operation Center