What is Community Tourism

Our definition of community-based tourism is ‘sharing the natural resources of a local community with visitors from home and overseas for the sustainable benefit of that local community whilst conserving the natural environment and respecting the way of life.


Community-based tourism is a growing market, as new generations of travellers worldwide seek more meaningful experiences from their leisure time. Sarvodaya believes it is an opportunity for Sri Lanka, a country which boasts a wealth of natural beauty, cultural and spiritual heritage and fascinating multi-ethnic communities in addition to the traditional appeal of her beaches.


Traditional beach and site-seeing tourism is vital to Sri Lanka’s economy but, some argue, it does not always benefit and engage the communities which surround the hotels. The CTI is designed to empower, engage and financially sustain communities without in any way compromising their traditions, values and way of life. At the same time, each site and experience is conceived, developed and marketed to ensure its appeal and accessibility to the visitors and, in turn, its sustainability in benefiting the community.