Things You Should Know

In keeping with Sarvodaya philosophy and the ethos of the CTI, we would like to ask those who share in CTI experiences to be aware of the following guidelines:-

  • We request that our guests and visitors refrain from consuming alcohol, smoking and using unprescribed drugs within the Sarvodaya communities and buildings.
  • All meals offered will be based on traditional Sri Lankan dishes featuring fresh fruits, vegetables and fish, flavoured with some of Sri Lanka’s deliciously fragrant spices. Please note that we will not serve meat.
  • Your hosts will not expect tips, cash donations or gifts and Sarvodaya actively discourages such things. If you wish to support a specific village or project, please consult the Sarvodaya website or look for the specific donations box which we will be providing at each project site.
  • Sarvodaya is a grassroots movement and not a professional travel organisation. As such, we are sure that you will appreciate that what your experience will offer in terms of authenticity, warmth and genuine hospitality, it may lack in slick efficiency and some creature comforts such as air-conditioning.
  • Sinhala, Tamil and English are Sri Lanka’s three main languages. English is widely spoken in Colombo and the main tourist centres of Sri Lanka, less so in more rural communities. Please look out for our Sinhala/English language guide (Tamil version to follow). Using your own version of sign language can also be very effective in communicating with your hosts – and fun too!