Shramadana – donating your time and effort

Shramadana/>(Colombo, Moratuwa, Bandaragama)
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Shramadana means the giving of your time, energy and skills for the benefit of others without any personal gain or benefit – in Sarvodaya, Shramadana forms the basis of village development with villagers working selflessly together to create something new for their community. It may be a pre-school, a village well, a roadway, clearing a paddy field etc. Your company, department, club, society or even a group of friends can spend the weekend or even a week or more working alongside our villagers Shramadana-style. We arrange your accommodation (in our dormitories), meals and evening cultural activities and you donate your time and the cost of materials such as bricks, cement etc.

We are developing this concept further by building a village house where ‘voluntourists’ can stay in a village and work in a number of activities such as teaching English, assisting children with sports and team games and skilled and unskilled construction work. The pilot project should be ready by Spring 2007.