Saliyapura Educational Farm

Saliyapura Educational Farm (Saliyapura and Anuradhapura)
New facilities complete by mid-2007

Saliyapura Educational Farm was first developed by Sarvodaya to provide a living example of non-chemical fertiliser and pest control methods to encourage local farmers to move away from the heavy use of agro-chemicals which has become the norm throughout Sri Lanka. These non-chemical techniques were used extensively in years gone by but have been largely forgotten now.

The farm is financially non-sustainable and so the CTI is introducing farm tours with lunch on site for groups of tourists visiting Anuradhpura (20 minutes away). We will also be building a small house to accommodate ‘voluntourists’ who want to work on the farm for a few days or more. The income from the tourism-related activities will support the costs of the farm and its education programme.