Empowerment Programmes

Empowerment Programme Sub-Programme/ Division



Spiritual Empowerment

Vishva Niketan



Social Empowerment

Field Operations Division (FOD) & Social Empowerment Division (SED) LJSSS
2 Community Capacity Building

3 Early Child Development

4 Community Health

5 Biodiversity & Environment

6 Information Technology/LRC

7 Development Education

8 Central Library

9 Relief, Rehabilitation, Reconstruction, Reconciliation and Reawakening

10 Disaster Management

11 Peace & Conflict Resolution

12 Applied Research

13 Monitoring & Evaluation

Sarvodaya International Unit LJSSS 14

Vishvodaya – Global Awakening

15 One World One People (OWOP) Programme

16 Japan Asia Friendship Society Programme

Paurushodaya (Personality Awakening) Division LJSSS

17 Recruitment/Induction

Human Resources Management (HRM)

Human Resources Development (HRD)

Kutumbodaya – Family Awakening

Sarvodaya Women’s Movement (SWM) 18 Women’s Empowerment

Sarvodaya Suwasetha Sewa Society 19 Empowerment and social care of the orphaned, the disabled, the abused, the aged and the socially victimized.

Sarvodaya Shanthi-sena (Peace Brigade) 21 Health Care, Relief and Peace Building

Sarvodaya Samodaya Sewa 22 Prevention of Substance Abuse and Rehabilitation

Sarvodaya Trust Fund 23 National Awards for Exceptional National Service

Sarvodaya Bhikku Congress 24 Social Empowerment through leadership of Buddhist Monks

Technological Empowerment

Sarvodaya Rural Technical Services (SRTS) LJSSS
25 Water supply and Sanitation

Alternative Energy

Low-cost- Housing

Rural Infrastructure

Legal Empowerment

Sarvodaya Legal Services Movement
26 Mediation of Conflicts

Spiritual Development

Awareness Raising

Legal Advice & Representation

Advocacy & Reforms

Economic Empowerment
Sarvodaya Economic Empowerment Development Services (SEEDS) GTE Ltd. 27 Banking Division

Enterprises Division

Training Division

Resource Development (RD) Division (LJSSS) 28 Headquarters Resource Development

District Resource Development

Income Generating Projects (IGPs) LJSSS 29 Export Division

30 Woodwork Unit

31 Wheel Chair Unit

Sarvodaya Vishva Lekha (Pvt.) Ltd. 32 Printing

Book Publishing

Political Empowerment

Deshodaya (National Awakening)
33 Gramswaraj Programme


People’s Constitution

Good governance

People’s Policy dialogues

Ceasefire and Peace process
Overall Vision and Management (LJSSS) General Secretariat 34
President’s Office

Corporate Affairs

Lands & Property

Executive Secretariat 35 Executive Director’s Office

36 Finance Division

37 Administration and Legal Affairs

38 Media & Communication